Extremely attractive jelly dishes in Hanoi on summer day

Extremely attractive jelly dishes in Hanoi on summer day

One of the super attractive jelly dishes that you have to utter with interest right from the first time you enjoy it is fruit jelly. The bowl of jelly is pretty, but when you finish eating, you can see the chest of the belly box. Jelly has many colors plus a sweet sweetness of fruit that makes you want to eat forever.

cac-mon-thach-cuc-ky-hap-dan-o-ha-noi-trong-ngay-he-1Jelly cheese

Known as one of the jelly derived from the South, but when cheese jelly appeared in the North, caused a big fever. Jelly cheese with chrysanthemum added the fragrant coconut milk fragrant, deliciously delicious from saying it.


Especially many shops in Hanoi also use cheese jelly for milk tea or Thai milk tea is also very delicious. How to make cheese jelly is quite simple, you can learn how to make cheese jelly here!


Jelly gloves

The agar is one of the oldest lithographs. Jelly has a light green moss color and is particularly soft. The elegant taste of the jelly, slightly chewed with the pure sugar water is the most suitable. This jelly dish is very suitable for summer cooling.


Coconut jelly

Coconut jelly is one of the lightest jelly dishes that captures the youth of Ha Thanh. During the hot season, coconut jelly is sold a lot in refreshment shops throughout the streets. Jelly coconut has a fairly simple way to do it, you can learn how to make coconut jelly here to make refreshments for this summer.



The unique combination between the bulwark and the glaze has created a new dish that is delicious and strange. Jelly glutinous rice balls are served with fresh coconut, dried coconut or sometimes even a bit of roasted yellow peanuts are very interesting and attractive.


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