Tell you how to eat moon cake and still maintain your physique

The closer we are to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the more we feel craving for delicious baked cakes and sweet cakes. However, moon cake contains a lot of energy so you need to learn how to eat properly to keep your beautiful shape.


Do not eat moon cake after a meal

After a meal, the body still has plenty of energy and is continuing its digestion process so you should not eat moon cakes right away! Because baked goods, flexible cakes containing a lot of energy will make the body unable to digest, it will cause the phenomenon of energy storage in some parts of the body such as abdomen, thighs, hands … So people eat bread Baking and plastic cake after meals will be easy to gain weight, obesity.


Do not eat more than 1 cake / day

As you know, Chinese moon cakes are often made from wheat flour, glutinous rice flour and a lot of nutritious ingredients such as mixed beans, green beans, coconut milk, salted eggs … These are all nutritious foods. and high calorie intake, it is reasonable to eat only one cake a day. Especially baked cakes, pretty sweet cakes should eat more easily cause diabetes, blood pressure ….


Before eating remember cake check term

Homemade cakes usually have a shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks, and cakes bought will have a shelf life of 1-2 months. Because baked goods, flexible cakes don’t last long, check the term of the cake before eating it to ensure your health and your family. You should know that when the cake is overdue, the anti-mold agent natribenzoat will release toxins that are very harmful to the body.


Eat bread and sip with tea in the morning

You should eat half a piece of cake and enjoy a delicious cup of tea in the morning because hot green tea will help us more easily digest it. Moreover, the bitter tea will soften the harsh sweetness of the cake, making us feel much more delicious.


Eat moon cakes to lining your stomach before exercising

Before going to play sports, you can eat bread to cover your stomach, while also fighting against hunger and providing much energy for your body.


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