The easiest way to make drifting cakes and vegetarian cakes

During the Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year 3/3), Vietnamese people use drifting cakes – vegetarian cakes to make ancestral offerings. The following article will help you how to make simple and fastest pancakes, vegetarian cakes.

The simplest material for making dumplings, vegetarian cakes

– Ground flour: The market is available to sell dumpling cake, vegetarian cake at a relatively cheap price, so to facilitate and save time, women should buy ready-made flour.

– Street: The line makes the cake of the floating cake cut into small square pieces.

– Green bean

– Condensed milk

– Freshly grated coconut

– Cassava flour, roasted sesame, sugar

The easiest way to make drifting and vegetarian cakes

– Step 1 (prepare vegetarian cake): Soak green beans before leaving the shell for 2 hours, then cook.

– Step 2: Ripe green beans, you reduce 1/2 to use to sprinkle on veggie when eating, the rest you grind or puree, then add tablespoon of condensed milk into beans to mix, add enough amount Shredded coconut in the mixture above so that coconut, green beans, milk blend well.

– Step 3: After kneading the dough more flexible, you divide the dough into pellets with a thumb knuckle to make drifting cakes, the pellet has double the amount of flour to make vegetarian cakes.

To make drifting cake, press the dough with your finger and put the sugar in the middle, then wrap the sugar, roll the cake so that the sugar will not be exposed to the dough.
– Step 4: With vegetarian cake you squeeze green beans of coconut milk with the size of drifting cake, then press the flattening powder, put it in the middle and cover it, rolling gently for the round cake without being opened. Then lightly press the vegetarian cake with flat roundness.

bánh trôi, bánh chay, Tết Hàn thực, ẩm thực, món ngon

– Step 5: Boil a pot of boiling water. Boiled water drops the cake into boiled water. When you see the cake floating on the surface of the pot, it is cooked. Use the scoop to pick up the cake. Pour the pastry into the pre-prepared bowl of cold water so that the cake will not be round and round.

– Step 6: Cool the cake, remove the cake to the plate, remove the remaining water from the plate. For cake drifting, use the tip of your finger to dip into the bowl and roast it, then put it on the cake surface. Doing so will make the plate more beautiful than sprinkle straight sesame on the plate.

bánh trôi, bánh chay, Tết Hàn thực, ẩm thực, món ngon

– Step 7: The vegetarian pancakes also boil similarly to the floating cake, then take out the bowl, usually put 3 tablets / 1 bowl. Use the tip of your thumb, or small spoon to press the middle part of the cake to wait for the juice to be vegetarian.

Step 8: Water filled the veggie bowl with the following recipe: One spoonful of cassava flour, spoon type of pho, dissolve it with the bowl of the bowl, then put it in the pot on the stove and stir. You add the appropriate sugar so that the water is not too sweet.

bánh trôi, bánh chay, Tết Hàn thực, ẩm thực, món ngon

Step 9: The tapioca water boils, turns color clear and starts to fade, once you turn off the stove, it’s done. Chan stirred the tapioca water into a bowl of vegetarian cake that was already available. Then, sprinkle the green beans you have cooked on top. Next is sprinkling roasted sesame and dropping a little grated coconut to the top, you have finished the delicious, beautiful vegetarian cake.

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